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Reopen Law Railway Station.

We the undersigned, demand that Transport Scotland arrange the relocation of the railway lines in both directions on the Lanark to Glasgow rail service and Re-open Law Railway Station, allowing the drop off and uplift of Fare Paying Passengers from the Community of Law and surrounding area’s.
Enhancing better public transport in a currently expanding rural area (Population 3000+) and expanding. Reducing Law’s carbon footprint emissions, which are above the Scottish average use of private cars and vans! (Census 2001) creating employment and more income in the long term for Transport Scotland. Since the withdrawal of the No 10 Bus Service from Law Village the
Re-opening of Law Railway Station is a priority.

Law Junction now known as Law:

Part of the Station had marshalling yards, important areas for regulating different types of freight for transport by rail to whatever destination.

A common sight of long lines of freight wagons being drawn along by Steam Engines along the Railways.  Sometimes a Steam Engine was used at the end of the line as well as the beginning probably due to the heavy loads being transported.

Law Junction was regarded as a possible target for Enemy Bombers during the War. The contents of some wagons may be Military Units.

The Village was within the area five coal mines, this would seam complementary almost adjacent to the  Stations marshaling yards if transport for distribution further afield was required.

At the gradual development of Motorways throughout the Country meant all types of freight was mostly all transported by road.

If this is totally correct it would eventually lead to the dysfunction of wagon trains, marshalling yards! Which would seem inevitable…

The title “Junction” would seem unnecessary since there would be no longer a need for Marshalling Wagon Trains!

Before the closure of Law Railway Station, commuters could travel to Glasgow and Edinburgh via Law by train.

In Memory of Mrs Cathrine Orr, Station Road, Law who supplied the Information.

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The above figure includes signatures from the petition in Law Post Office. (752) 12/01/2010

We still require a lot more signatures.

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