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Concerns raised from Residents and an Employer about the withdrawal of the Number 10 Carluke to Wishaw General Hospital Bus Service that Law Community Trust have received.

To download the new Monklands Hospital to Law 248A/B Bus Time table click here.

  Councillor Pat Lee would like to inform residents of Law using Stuart's 240X Bus Service and purchasing a return ticket to Wishaw @ 1.60.  This ticket is to be immediately Honoured by Stuart's Coaches. If anyone who has purchased this ticket and is refused carriage, Councillor  Lee requires to be informed, please supply the following details: copy of the original  ticket, date and time of journey. Please send or give  copies of the details personally to Councillor Lee,  and he will take it up with S.P.T

“I hope many others take a couple of minutes out of their day to do the same. Our transport system is a lifeline for our village. As car owners, people may think its not an issue for them, but as a car owner myself I have found that now with a broken shoulder that you never know the minute that you may have to rely on our transport system. I hope your campaign goes well, Email sent to Dennis McKenna ”.

Kind regards, Kirsty Kidd.

“Thank you for your Email but I'm somewhat scunnered with the whole situation! This is beyond a joke! This is taking us back 20+ years in service!

I will take this all the way if I need to”!

Jacqueline Smith

“Many thanks for replying so promptly to my E-mail re above. I too was disappointed with the Commissioners reply and intend to write to those Councillors you mentioned soonest.
The Commissioner also advised me that her office was informed by Stuart's Coaches in September 2013 of the intention to withdraw the No 10 Service.
It is such a pity the travelling public were not informed that this was intention of Stuart's Coaches.
I do agree travelling to Wishaw has turned out to be a bit of an expedition especially if you have mobility problems or other disabilities”.

Regards, Dorothy Macready.

Hi “Would a solution to this problem be for the 240 Lanark-Glasgow to come through village hourly as it goes to Wishaw and also would make city commuting better as i feel strongly on this matter as that's law village left with a reduced bus service and no train service”.
Sandra MacWhinnie

“Thank you for sending this information out, I will certainly pass this on to my friends and family and hopefully something can be done”.

Anne Boyd

Just to let you know that this has affected our office staff, which has caused inconvenience. I will write to the 3 email addresses given and give our point of view, as this could affect our future employment of local labour.

Kind regards

Caroline, CVD Fire Protection Ltd, Lawmuir Road, Law

“Good luck with your campaign to bring back the bus service”.

Mr and Mrs Canning, Law

“I am in the late stage of my pregnancy and I now have to rely on my kind elderly neighbour to get me to Wishaw General Hospital for my appointments since Stuart's Coaches stopped the service.
This is not an ideal situation as my neighbour is over 80 years of age and is recovering from a recent heart attack”.

Name withheld by request

Hi Lynsey,
Thank you for taking the time to not only read our email but also respond!
Quite frankly I don't think our councillors are doing enough or dealing with this quick enough!
I have witnessed pensioners, disabled, heavily pregnant and young walking on unsafe pavements risking their lives just to get a bus service!
This couldn't have happened in a worse season too - winter!!
Thank you for keeping us informed but we need results and as a community we feel this just isn't good enough!

Hi, I wrote to you quite some time ago initially when the removal of the bus service was being stopped!!
I'm somewhat frustrated and dismayed to have to communicate with you again this time to discuss the removal of the 243 now!!! This is a joke!!!
The councillors are proving they are nothing short of useless and quite frankly are not doing enough for us at all!!
 I also would like to point out my 70 year old mother took a bus the other day and walked from the road end in and the pavements leave a lot to be desired!!!
So.... Has Law Village became a victim of their own success as a result are you trying to make people leave the village as this is what will inevitably happen!!! We can't accept these decisions which are being made with no consultation of the residents!! We WONT accept them either!!!!

Hello Ian,

Is anything happening about the number 10 bus service? I have just come back exhausted from Wishaw. The plan was to get the 240X at 10.40 this morning, getting into Wishaw at 10.50, giving me enough time to go to the bank and catch the 240X back at 11.05. Simples! However, having asked for Wishaw Cross, I wasn't aware that the bus would not go up Caledonian Road, and turn left back on to the main street. Consequently, I was taken past Tesco's and had to get off at the stop past the lights there. This was only leaving me about 8 minutes to get the 11.05, so my trip to the bank was cancelled, as it was at the opposite end of the main street to where I now was. It is quite an uphill walk to the stop near Lidl's, where I waited, as people assured me that the bus came up there and went round the back streets to Morrison's, but by 11.15, as it hadn't arrived I caught the 41 to Law hospital, and had another half a mile walk home. I have Osteo Arthritis in my knees, and could have done without that. It seems that some drivers have a preference for the route via Tesco, and others go via Morrison's, which really isn't helpful if you are awaiting in the main street. No buses even came along in time to get me to Carluke to catch the 243, at half past the hour, back to Law.

Surely with the growing population in the village, we should have a better bus service than this. Do we pay the same council tax as Carluke, as they have numerous bus routes, banks train services, etc., whilst we have nothing? Maybe if we all refused to pay our council tax, something would be done about the facilities we have here.

(Very annoyed), Jill. 17/7/2014