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Created by Ian Campbell

If you have any old photographs of Law in the past,

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Law Football Club

Station Road Law

Law Junction 1949

Photographs from the 1940’s

Community Fayre's etc

Former Law Primary School Pupils

Old Parish Church and Manse 1886

Mauldslie Castle

I was surprised to see on a German Map my Mothers House in Luggie Road, Carluke.

Was Law Hospital a possible German Target during World War Two?

“My Father found these map’s while clearing out a German Airfield during World War Two”.

Law Hospital is clearly marked on the German map. It was listed as a Army Barracks.
Photographs sent in by
Mr Joe Montgomery

Was Law Hospital a possible German Target During World War 11?

Lawhill Road, Law

Law Boys Brigade Camp 1961 Iain Forrest ? Bill Benyon John Baker Robert Colquoun John Marshall John Brown Peter Irvine Ian James John Ross Liam Colquoun Robert Leggate Alex Brown ? Ronald Cullen Tom Mcllwain Robert Benyon James Robertson John Tweed John Stoddart William Ford Jim Leggate George Murdoch Walter Ford Walter Davidson Captain Bill Jenkins Matt Caroll Shearer Kerr Jim McGhie Charlie Thomson Allan Wilson Thomas Armstrong Alex Murdoch Alan Gordon ? Blair Murdoch Maurice Benyon Jim Frater Jim Coats Jim Summerville

Law Boys Brigade Camp 1961. Place your curser over the Boys Brigade campers faces. Do you know the missing campers, if so please let us know!