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Following two years of hard work included public meetings, public exhibitions plus extensive consultations with the Community of Law, especially Primary Six and Seven School Children at Law Primary School.

Law Community Trust are pleased to announce that they have been successful in obtaining funding from Forward Scotland £30,000. The Renewable Energy Foundation £30,000 and South Lanarkshire Council, £17,500 (in kind) for the total replacement of the Play Park Equipment, Lawhill Road.

£60,000 of the funding is for New Play Park Equipment; the rest is for the upgrading and enlargement of the existing car park plus the removal of existing equipment and the reinstatement of the Play Park Land.

South Lanarkshire Council Community Resources will be project managers, reporting to the Committee of Law Community Trust.

Once complete, the Play Park will be managed and maintained by South Lanarkshire Council’s Community Resources.

Tendering for the equipment will commence almost immediately and it may be possible the installation of the first pieces of New Play Park Equipment will begin by Easter 2010.

Law Community Trust will continue to seek additional funding for another two/three Play Equipment Units for the Play Park.

A Big vote of thanks

First of all a big thank you, goes to: Forward Scotland and to the Renewable Energy Foundation organisers for believing in and supporting our project.

Law Community Trust would also like to thank the Community and Business’s of Law for their continued support in campaigning for the New Law Play Park improvements, including the Mothers and Toddlers Group, Law Parent and Teachers Association.

We would also like to thank South Lanarkshire Council’s Funding Advisory Team especially Mr Kenny Lean for his efforts on our behalf, also the Community Resources Team for all their efforts and co-operation in the design and development of the proposals.

Finally, we will be eternally grateful to Penny and Wendy of PMR Leisure Ltd, Jupiter Play and Leisure Ltd (Simon Kelly) without their help and expertise the New Play Park Project would never have got off the ground.

Law War Memorial

"During August and September 2015 the Law War Memorial received much needed conservation and repair works thanks to a £1400 grant from Centenary Memorials Restoration Fund managed by War Memorials Trust on behalf of Historic Environment Scotland and the Scottish Government and over £400 from the Law Community Trust reserves.

The work was carried out tastefully by a team of craftsmen from Stewarton Memorials in Netherton and included repair of a hairline crack, general re-pointing and cleaning, replacement of missing and badly damaged lettering, repainting of all lettering plus the reconstruction of the base cobble stones.

Law Community Trust are grateful to War Memorials Trust for their advice and help with this important project and would also like to thank Mr Danny Maxwell of South Lanarkshire Council for his much valued contribution to the project"

War Memorials Trust have a Grants Showcase which can be accessed here.

10/11/2018 Law Memorial Garden Vandalism

Man’s inhumanity to man carries on regardless. This is the newly re-landscaped village war memorial, the day before Remembrance Day. A lot of the good members of the community have come out this morning to fix the despicable actions of a few of our community. The council have also had to spend even more money now.

This is the only positive spin on what otherwise provokes so many different negative emotions…

This is the cenotaph in Law Village. It was recently refurbished at some expense. Today we awoke to find the wanton vandalism to the surrounding garden, a day before Armistice Day and Remembrance Sunday. I’m disgusted with this cretinous behaviour.

Play Park Vandalism.

Below are Photographs of the Mindless Vandalism carried out in early morning between 4/5 o’clock on the 19 April 2016 to the New Play Park Equipment, that so many People from the Community have worked very very hard for over the years, with feasibility studies, planning, consultation’ and Fund-raising (£90,000) not only by Law Community Trust Members but by many Members of the Community of Law.

The Bucket Swing has been set on fire again (2018) and South Lanarkshire Council may not replace it!

The Trust has also been informed that two outside sheds behind a block of flats on Lawhill Road were also set alight on the same morning.

The Play Park and Equipment is one of the very few places that the younger Members of the Community have to Play and Enjoy. If you have CCTV on your house and stay in or around Lawhill Road or the Play Park Area can you please review the footage during 3 am-6 am on the morning of the 19 April 2016 to possibly see if there is anything about the Mindless Vandalism on the footage.

If anyone knows who has caused this vandalism please contact the Police or Law Community Trust and the Trust will pass on the information to the appropriate authorities as this fire raising needs to be stopped before someone is seriously injured or killed by this mindless person or person’s!

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