Christmas Events

Lucy Murdoch Lights up Law 2019

From tiny Acorns Great Oaks Grow

A small group of people in Law decided to take the old saying at its word by setting up Law Community Trust in April 1999.

The Aim behind the “Trust” is to bring the Community together,


To work for more employment.

To increase social opportunities and encourage visitors to Law.


Membership is open to: All residents, organisation’s and businesses based within Law.

 Lighting up Law @ Christmas

  2005 Lynsay Carswell

  2006 Sarah Docherty

  2007 Jennifer Rintoul

  2008 Lauren Fullerton

  2009 Ailidh Prince

  2010 Courtney Baxter

  2011 Caitlyn Morrison

  2012 Nash Westwater

  2013 Chantelle Aitken

  2014 Claire-Jayne Rae

  2015 Caoimhe Rea

  2016 Eleri Conaghan

  2017 Eve Grierson

  2018 Tammy Cunningham

  2019  Lucy Murdoch

Law Community Trust, Community Consultation

The Law Community Trust Community survey report is now available Download here.

A big thank you to everyone who took part in the Community survey.

 Work on the new play park equipment is completed.

 It seems the children have unofficially opened the play park

 Friday 23 April 2010.

 There has been great enjoyment in the Law Play Park since

 Friday (all age groups).

 Congratulations and thanks to each and everyone of you for helping

 to steer the Play Park Project to a successful conclusion.
 Jim Wright (Chairman).

Law in the Past

 If you have any old Photographs of  Law please send them with some  information about the photographs  to us and we will post them into  our Law in the past page.

Law in the Past

Clydesdale Food Bank

Updated 24/3/2020

So today as been busy again but we've got through with the help of our wonderful volunteers. We have benefited from shops and restaurants closing as they have been donating foods that need to be used up.

However as I left this afternoon there were some gaping holes on the shelves where there should be:- tinned potatoes, tomatoes, macaroni cheese, ravioli, hot meats, cold meats, carrots, sweetcorn, sugar, diluting juice, UHT milk, cup a soups, razors, ladies deodorant.

Our trolleys are still in the supermarkets so that is probably the safest way for you to get stuff to us please pop something in while you are out doing your own shopping.

Stay well and don't get too close to strangers!

Thank you for you're continued support. We could use your excess carrier bags please..

Have a look at our new website – where you will find an easy way to give a financial donation. Alternatively, there are envelopes available in all of the churches for one off donations and standing orders.

Please feel free to visit Clydesdale Food Bank any day Monday to Friday

between 10.00 am and noon.

Please hand in your kind Donations to: Scot-Mid Ltd, 51-53 Station Road, Law  or Clydesdale Food Bank, 66 High Street, Carluke.

Carluke&Law- Supporting each other during Corona Pandemic

Corona virus Advice

Law Village Covid-19

Response Group

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Law Community Trust

Working towards a better Future for Law Village

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